Why Price Tracker

Our Technology
To ensure we provide accurate data on a daily basis, our error reporting function picks up any relevant changes on competitor sites – this robust technology has been stress-tested to 100 times our current requirements.
Price Trakker tracks complex websites and extracts relevant information deep within specific pages – no other company can extract data as reliably or cost effectively.
Accurate product matching
Retailers will often change product numbers, descriptions, images and other data, preventing their customers from comparing prices online.
Our manual product matching service highlights products based on your rules and specifications, and we guarantee that we will return more accurate results than any other company. Unconvinced? Provide us with sample data and let us show you Price Trakker’s full potential.
No restrictions on currency or language
For customers who trade internationally, we can monitor any retailer or brand in any currency or language – with a dedicated system for each currency.
Bespoke system and service for every customer
Each Price Trakker solution is designed and built to meet your specific business needs. Price Trakker is delivered fully configured, with a personalised dashboard, user accounts, and pricing information ready to go
Cloud-based system
Price Trakker is a cloud-based system, accessible from anywhere at any time – with no need for integration with your existing systems. Simply download and export data as a CSV, Excel or API file