Price-savvy shoppers are transforming e-commerce. Is your pricing too high – or too low? Your customers already know the answer, and now you can too, with intelligent price tracking

Improved sales, higher margins
Grow your margins without alienating customers. Stay competitive with Price Trakker’s competitor price monitoring – adjust your prices, increase your traffic, boost your sales.
Save time and money
As the market grows more crowded, keeping track of it through traditional means becomes difficult. Automated data gathering is cost effective and makes your life easier. Daily intelligence services deliver accurate information about competitors’ prices, comparing them with your own.
Expand your product range
Make sure your customers don’t have to shop around. Highlight potential areas of consumer interest based on what your competitors are offering, from specific products to entire brands.
Work Smarter
A better informed workforce naturally makes better decisions. Give your staff access to the latest competitive intelligence, and they can make faster, more efficient and more intelligent decisions. With Price Trackker’s pricing automation features will even analyse the impact of margin adjustments and suggest competitive price points.
Strengthened negotiating position
Accurate data on competitor pricing allows you to negotiate more successfully with suppliers-particularly when this data is complied by an independent third-party.
It’s not all about price
With price tracking your support your company gatter information from competitors’ website, from promotions and reviews, to stock levels and on page SEO, if the information is available, we will find it.