Monitor Competitors

Increase your profitability by tracking your competitor’s prices

Monitor competitors’ price
Stay competitive. Use price Trackker’s comprehensive insights into your competitors to measure and adjust your pricing-keeping you one step ahead.
Customize reports
Price Trakker gives you bespoke reporting with a customisable dashboard – tailored specifically to your business. Unlike our competitors, we shape our services around your needs, not vice versa.
View reports on the go
We understand that the office goes wherever you go, that’s why Price Trakker’s real-time reporting is accessible anywhere, from any browser – all you need is a web connection.
Price strategically
Price Trakker allows you to react quickly to price movements, and take advantage of bigger margins as soon as they’re available.
Get started straight away
The Price Trakker system is configured to suit your exact business needs, and deployed in as little as 24 hours. We deliver each system fully configured to your requirement so that you can start using it straight away.
Expert exporting
Price Trakker allows you to export data to Excel, or access raw data directly through our API – bring your data to life with graphs and charts, displaying trends clearly and visually.